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Banked DVC points in your account can help your property. Here’s how.

Banking Vacation Points is an option you have as a DVC Member if you are unable to use all of your points or if you decide you want to save them for the next use year. You can bank up to 100% of an annual allocation each year and push (bank) the points into the next use year. Banking can help you take more vacations in a year, stay in a larger villa, or stay longer… But that’s not all.
If you’re selling your DVC property, having banked Points in your account can help you sell fast. Read more to find out how.
  • Banking Vacation Points
    With the Disney Vacation Club, there is flexibly when booking reservations. Banking is one of these options. It’s the term we use whenever you take Vacation Points from your current Use Year and “Bank” or push them into the next Use Year. Borrowing is another option but slightly different– it refers to “borrowing” or pulling your Vacation Points from your next Use Year, so you can use them during your current Use Year.
    Banking and borrowing Vacation Points are both irreversible, so if you are planning to bank or borrow your points, be as certain as possible when booking a reservation. As a side note, you cannot borrow banked Vacation Points. So if you bank your points, you cannot pull or borrow those banked points later. You can read more about Use Years here.

  • Banked Vacation Points in your account makes your property more attractive
    Vacation Points are allotted every Use Year. These points represent your real estate interest. Having said that, how does banked points in your account help you sell your property fast?
    By having banked Vacation Points in the account you’re selling, you’re basically throwing in a bonus that your buyer can use once the transaction has been completed.
    Simply put, it means more Vacation Points that can be used in a Use Year for that buyer. Depending on how your buyer plans his or her vacations, it could mean larger accommodations, a longer stay, or the chance to stay at a Resort that requires more points than they are normally going to use. These are all extra perks for a buyer when looking to make a purchase.

  • Things to remember about banked Vacation Points
    If you’re planning on selling your DVC property with banked Vacation Points, keep these rules in mind.
    1. Banking deadlines. You can only bank Vacation Points from your current Use Year in its first 8 months. Banking Vacation Points in the last four months of your Use Year is not allowed.

    2. Banked points are final. Once Vacation Points have been banked, you can’t return them to their original Use Year. Aside from being irreversible, banked Vacation Points can’t be borrowed or transferred.

    3. Banked Vacation Points expire. This is the rule you should take note of the most. Banked Vacation Points that remain unused in their new Use Year will expire. Make sure to sell your property within a timeframe that allows your buyer to enjoy these banked Vacation Points upon completion of the purchase.

    4. There should be no outstanding balances. To be able to bank Vacation Points, you should settle all dues associated to your Membership. This includes monthly loan payments as well as annual dues fees.
You can read more about rules regarding banked Vacation Points here.
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