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Buying DVC: Importance of Choosing your Home Resort

Choosing your Home Resort

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Determining your home resort is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make as a member of the Disney Vacation Club. It affects three aspects of your membership, 1) How far in advance you can book your reservations (7 verse 11 month booking windows), 2) Your annual dues (also known as maintenance fees) 3) How much time remains on the deed.

Choosing the right home resort

Picking your home resort will affect:

  1. Booking dates – You get a longer booking window at your home resort, so if you are planning to visit during the holidays or a special event is easier to secure your dates if you plan those vacations further in advance. You are allowed to book your trip 11 months in advance of the checkout date in your home resort. In contrast, you can only book up to 7 months in advance at non-home resorts.

    Being able to book your preferred dates in your home resort 11 months in advance is especially beneficial if there is significant demand for your home resort as well. Some members pick their home resorts for this very reason.

  2. Annual maintenance fees – Annual maintenance fees (also known as annual dues) are also going to depend on the home resort you choose. Like the initial purchase costs, different resorts have different maintenance fees. Some resorts might be less expensive upon initial purchase but are more expensive in maintenance fees, and vice versa.
  3. Years remaining on contract – You probably know this but the DVC memberships aren’t forever. Resorts have different contract end dates. Picking a home resort with more years remaining may be beneficial if you are planning to keep the package longer than 25 + years, or to leave to your children or grandchildren. Some may want less time on the deed with no plans of re-selling or to leaving to family and prefer to have the package expire sooner.

Other factors to consider when choosing your home resort

When determining your home resort, we highly recommended looking over a couple of things to make your decision more worthwhile. Initial purchase costs and annual fees aside, consider the following factors in choosing your home resort.

  1. Location and accessibility – Consider a resort’s location and its accessibility. Some members like their home resorts to be located in close proximity to a theme park or entertainment area, while others are perfectly happy with a relaxing location away from the parks. Resorts also offer different modes of transportation, so take note of this before you decide.
  2. Resort features and amenities – Each resort in the Disney Vacation Club is different, whether it’s the room sizes, types of accommodation available, dining options, and recreational amenities. Pick a home resort that fits your personal style, preferences, as well as your family’s needs.
  3. Theme of the resort – Another factor you might want to consider when choosing a home resort is that it fits your family’s personality. The theme of each resort is different and is reflected in the resorts decor, types of amenities offered, and the layout of the property. Some members prefer the look and feel of the Polynesian or Beach Club Villas, while others may love the rustic and lush Wilderness Lodge resort. Each resort has it’s own feel. There are resorts that are large and spread out and others that are smaller or a high rise.  Some members may care less about this, since all resorts are well themed, but it may be something to consider when purchasing.

Do you need help in choosing your home resort? Talk to us today to learn more about how to pick the right home resort for you.