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Buying or Renting DVC Points – Which is right for you?

Buying or Renting Disney Vacation Club – which is right for you?

One question that has often crossed the minds of many individuals is whether they should buy or rent Disney Vacation Club points. In this post, we’ll examine the pros and cons of both options to help you make informed decisions. 

Staying at Old Key West Resort is one option when buying or renting Disney Vacation Club points.

Whether you are buying or renting Disney Vacation Club points Disney’s Old Key West offers some of the largest DVC rooms at low points.

Renting Disney Vacation Club points

If you are not sure if buying Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points is for you but would like to experience the quintessential DVC getaway, renting DVC points is an affordable option.
This is a great choice if:
  • You’re unsure of whether you want to purchase Disney Vacation Club points or investing in a DVC timeshare

  • You’d like to stay at a deluxe Disney Resort for a much cheaper price

  • You don’t intend to visit Disney resorts every year or two
  • You have a larger family and need the extra space

How it works

Renting DVC points is purchasing a set number of points from a member for an agreed price. The owner of the points then makes reservations at a Disney Vacation Club under your name.
Renting Disney Vacation Club points is often preferred by people who want some flexibility. In contrast to owning DVC points, renting allows for some wiggle room in case one’s financial situation changes one year. If you want to go to a Disney Vacation Club resort, you can just rent points and book a room. And if you ever decide not to go to a Disney Vacation Club resort anymore, you won’t need to withdraw your membership because you’re not.

Risks of renting DVC points

Renting DVC points poses a set of risks. For one, there is uncertainty whether you’d be able to make the reservations you want whenever you want. Another factor to consider is that it takes some time to find the deal you like.
On a more serious note, renting DVC points has more rules regarding cancellations and refunds. Renting costs also add up over time, so if you plan to go to a Disney resort regularly, purchasing DVC points may be the better option.
Want to stay at the Polynesian bungalows? Buying or renting Disney Vacation Club points is an option.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has bungalows on the water that are available using DVC points.

Buying Disney Vacation Club points

If you already “got your feet wet” or see yourself going to Disney resorts over a long period of time, purchasing your own Disney Vacation Club points is a more cost-effective choice. Aside from saving you money for the long run, buying DVC points is less risky and allows you to enjoy a lot of perks.
Although buying DVC points requires you to make a long-term commitment to Disney Vacation Club, it’s a great way to ensure most, if not all, of your vacation plans in the next ten years or so are taken care of.

Risks of buying Disney Vacation Club points

Buying DVC points has a couple of downsides. For one, it doesn’t work for people who are into making spontaneous vacation plans. If you really want to make this work, you have to plan ahead and not act on whims. DVC members are also excluded from enjoying packages and discount options, including free dining promotions.
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the upfront costs and annual maintenance fees. Purchasing DVC points requires you to make a rather large investment, and the expenses don’t end there. You’ll be made to pay annual maintenance fees and point allocations throughout the duration of your contract. This kind of investment will pay off if you really plan on maximizing your DVC membership. If that isn’t the case, it might be better to rent points instead.
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