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Factors to Consider When Buying a DVC Contract

Are you ready to buy a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resales contract? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices? Well, I can help. I’ve been where you are. Allow me to tell you the system that I’ve used to choose the perfect member...

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Tips for Buying Disney Vacation Club Points

Live close to all the magic. Here are some tips on buying at a Disney Vacation Club resort. Buying at a Disney Vacation Club Resort Become a member Membership gives you access to over two thousand vacation destinations around the world (...

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Reasons Why You Need to Buy DVC Points RIGHT NOW

Are you on the fence about buying a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) contract? Are you trying to decide whether you should buy or wait? Whether you’re purchasing your first contract or giving in to that wonderful impulse of Add-On-It is, you’re m...

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom villas

  Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom opened on April 22, 1998 as the resort destinations fourth theme park. The concept originated from no less than Walt Disney himself, who thought of populating Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise with real...

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