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Selling your DVC property faster

If you are considering selling your Disney Vacation Club property, rest assured that the sales process can be easy and profitable. DVC resales have a robust resale market, with plenty of buyers that are seeking a DVC resale property to fit their family’s vacation needs. DVC timeshares dominate the timeshare resale market because Disney properties retain their value more than any other timeshare property on the market.

The Timeshare Store, Inc.®

The Timeshare Store, Inc.® is the most experienced DVC resale company in the market and can assist you in quickly selling your DVC property, from start to finish. The Timeshare Store, Inc.® has been in business since 1994 and specializes in DVC properties. Over the course of almost twenty-five years, our DVC resale specialists have facilitated over 24,000 DVC transactions. We are, and have always been, a family owned business. The Timeshare Store, Inc.® is open Monday through Friday (9am- 9pm), Saturday (9am- 6pm), Sunday (9am-6pm) and our office is located 5430 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando Florida 32821. Our Agents are personally available to answer all your questions on the phone or in person, and have experience and knowledge that is unparalleled in the market.

When The Timeshare Store, Inc.® lists a property, we assist the DVC sellers with recommendations for pricing and advise them of the current market values. We guide the seller to list at a price that will attract buyers in the timeframe that the seller is seeking to do so. The Timeshare Store, Inc.® is here to help you. We are confident that we can assist you with smooth and seamless transactions.

Choosing A Qualified DVC Resale Brokerage

You have the option of selling your DVC property on your own or with the assistance of a licensed real estate broker. A qualified resale broker can facilitate a smooth sales transaction by adding invaluable information as you navigate the sales process. Many real estate brokers will claim they can assist you with selling your property, but choosing the right licensed real estate broker is critical to your success. Here are some tips to assist you in selecting a qualified licensed real estate broker:

A qualified broker should have a history of selling success, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a strong online presence. A broker should never charge an upfront listing fee. A qualified, licensed real estate broker that specializes specifically in the sale of Disney Vacation Club packages is best equipped to assist you in selling your DVC property. Disney has a particular closing process that applies to the sale of a DVC property and you need a broker with experience and understanding of that process. A broker should recognize market trends, give current market values and understand the ins and outs of the market.

In order to have a smooth sales transaction, a broker should be available during the sales process, seven days a week, with evening hours. A broker should answer telephone calls during those office hours and not require that you leave a voicemail in lieu of speaking to a live person. The broker should be personally available to provide updates on a closing, provide a timeline on the completion of the sale, answer all questions, and give you confidence in their ability to sell your DVC property. A broker should have a physical office where you could meet the broker face-to-face, if you elect to do so.

Setting A Price For The Property

There are a few different ways that a seller may price a DVC property for sale. One method is to list the property above market price, but then be open to offers. A seller should be prepared to have the property on the market for a longer period of time if it is listed above marker price. However, this is a good way to maximize the sales price and negotiate a profitable deal with a buyer. Another method is to list the property at a price that will allow it sell quickly, which is at or just below market value. This will invite buyers familiar with the market or seeking a good deal to make a quick decision and purchase. It is not necessary to price the package under market, but if a seller needs to sell fast, this is a good way to accomplish a fast sale. Setting a price within the market range will attract more buyer interest and result in more offers on your property.

Learn more about selling your DVC property by browsing the website of The Timeshare Store, Inc.®. Call us or stop by the office today to discuss how we can help you sell your DVC property.