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Reasons a Disney Vacation Club member sells

Disney Vacation Club

There are many reasons why the Disney Vacation Club dominates lists of the best-selling timeshares on the resale market. Membership at the DVC is simply one of the best timeshare experiences you can have. If you’re out to make great memories with your family, it’s an investment that’s well worth its cost.

However, DVC members do sell their points, making for a robust resale market. Here are some reasons why a member might want to give up their ownership of DVC points:

  1. Their financial priorities have changed. They may have come across a difficult situation and need to have extra cash, or might want to spend more on other things, such as their kids’ college education, a new house or a new investment. In addition to the purchase price, DVC membership also includes annual membership dues. This could impact a member’s spending ability, especially when they have other expenses to prioritize.
  2. Their vacation preferences have changed. Perhaps the kids are now all grown up and the family wants a different kind of vacation experience. Or perhaps they now prefer to plan their vacations just a few weeks in advance, instead of the 3 to 7 months or more that you typically need to plan a DVC vacation.
  3. They can’t use often enough. A Disney vacations is a first-rate experience that you would want to have over and over again. In many cases, this is reason for people to purchase a DVC membership. However, they may realize along the way that they cannot go to the Disney resorts as often as they wish.

One of the best advantages you can get out of membership is the significantly lower cost of accommodations. Given this, plus the annual membership dues, you can maximize your investment only if you are a frequent visitor. If not every year or every other year, ideally, you should go at least every third year.  Members who can’t keep this kind of schedule may find that they’re better off selling their points.

  1. They don’t need the added points. Many DVC members buy additional points to enjoy special trips or to stay at Disney resorts other than their home resort. But after these holidays, they may no longer need the extra points. One thing to keep in mind is that DVC membership is a real estate interest that may not be divided, so you cannot sell just part of your points. If you have various memberships, however, you may sell each one separately.
  2. They want to sell their investment at a profit. It’s strongly advised that you purchase DVC points mainly for the pleasure and enjoyment you get from them, and not as a financial investment. With that said, DVC membership also makes good financial sense. You not only get fantastic savings from your stay at Disney resorts, DVC points’ resale value has also remained generally higher than that of other timeshares.

At certain home resorts, the current resale prices have even exceed the original purchase prices. The excellent reputation of Disney resorts, the opening of new resorts, and Disney’s Right of First Refusal policy all contribute to keeping the value of DVC points high through the years, especially when compared to other timeshares.

If you’re looking to sell your DVC membership for any reason, we can help connect you with the right buyer. Get in touch with us today at 1-800-550-6493 or 407-239-8899, or contact us through this website.